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Everything on this planet is governed by a code called the "Force of Average". The Force of Average has one job and one job only. To distract you as much as it can. On the flip side, we humans have a superpower that allows us to fight the Force of Average and win. That super power is FOCUS. Where most people get stuck, is that they don't know how to focus, or what to focus on. That's where the GCode comes in and gives you simple, yet powerful instructions on exactly what to focus on. In this book, the author lays out simple, step-by-step instructions on how you can become the greatest version of yourself, by focusing on what matters most on a daily basis. You'll learn the 4 parts of the GCode which when consistently focused on daily, will lead you down a path to becoming unstoppable in every area of your life. Once you put this life pattern into play, you can truly have everything you've ever wanted in life.- The right mindset- A healthy body- Your goal income- Amazing relationships

This book has taken all the complications of life and simplified them into 4 areas you can focus on daily and truly live out the life you were created to live.

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